Association of Fastener Industrialists and Businesspeople (BESİAD)


Association of Fastener Industrialists and Businesspeople (Bağlantı Elemanları Sanayici ve İş İnsanları Derneği – BESIAD) is an industry-specific association that was founded in 2000 when 10 of our counterparts decided to bring together Turkey’s key and sub-industrial fastener companies in order to give a stronger voice to a shared rhetoric and kick-start solution-oriented projects for the industry. 

As a representative of the industry, BESIAD provides a home for its members where they can collaborate and be constantly enriched by the direct link provided with fastener manufacturers and industrial organizations involved in the manufacturing process or who fully support it through their work.

For the purpose of ensuring that Turkey meets its own raw materials needs – one of the key issues for an industry developing with the right conditions for growth – BESIAD has worked closely with Turkish iron and steel manufacturers, discussing the industry’s needs and paving the way for future collaboration. As a result of these efforts, the industry has been able to source 90% of its raw materials from Turkish producers since 2020. This has helped fastener manufacturers achieve a more competitive position across the globe with their high added-value products.

Among BESIAD’s most important activities is its “Development of International Competitiveness” project, through which an international marketing team for the Turkish fastening industry has been established. Lead by 40 members, the project aims to improve members’ knowledge and skills in the export field and help them reach new markets.

In order to respond to one of the fastener industry’s biggest needs, which is a lack of qualified intermediate staff, a protocol was signed with the Turkish Ministry of National Education. Thanks to this protocol, students of selected Vocational and Technical High Schools in Turkey have had the opportunity to work as interns in the relevant departments of our companies with vacancies for intermediate staff. This initiative allows intern students to contribute greatly to the future and dynamism of the industry once they finish their training period.

In 2019, the industry was worth roughly USD 2 billion as a result of BESIAD’s efforts. Its export volume increased by 15% in 2019 to USD 540 million compared to USD 470 million in 2018. These volumes mean that the industry ranks among the world’s top 10 largest industries and the top 3 in Europe. The goal is to rank first in Europe and rank among the top 8 in the world by 2023.

In addition to these activities, BESIAD makes every effort to reach all fastener manufacturers in Turkey and those sub-industry organizations that serve the industry in an attempt to grow the Association and encourage its members to collaborate with each other rather than competing against each other. With 93 members currently, BESİAD shows no signs of slowing down its progress.