Founded in 2000, BESIAD is an industrial association whose founding mission was to unite Turkish fastener manufacturers and all stakeholders who work in the fastener sub-industries under a single roof so as to generate solutions to common problems and give a voice to the industry’s manufacturers.

Our Association’s mission is:

- To increase the knowledge and experience of fastener manufacturers and the industry’s sub-industries through our networks and consultants,

- To produce sensible solutions to common problems faced by all manufacturers and service providers who serve the fastener industry either directly or indirectly,

- To develop the Turkish fastener industry and its related sub-industries and promote them abroad, opening up additional internal and external markets for Turkish entrepreneurs,

- To engage in activities to build up the qualified workforce required by manufacturing companies, to send representatives to trade associations and chambers of commerce, and to collaborate with educational organizations, as well as public and private institutions at all levels,

- To engage in activities to help our members produce better quality and more value-adding products in line with international standards, and to provide our members with related reports where necessary,

- To bring all of the industry’s Turkish and international stakeholders together in one place by holding conferences, panels and training sessions, and to increase know-how at an industrial and global level by engaging with consultancy companies and organizing fairs,

- To collaborate with international organizations and Turkish and overseas associations that work in line with the purpose of our Association, to become members of these associations, to engage in joint efforts on a project basis, and to establish or join industrial federations,

- To establish and operate commercial ventures, business organizations, and industrial corporations to gain the capital required to achieve the purposes of our charter.